Hosting Review

Interserver is one of the most common hosting companies and it has been used by millions of users since its inception in 1999. It has grown to become one of the most reliable, scalable, and stable hosting platforms in the market. It now operates from two data centers, both located in New Jersey. Additional locations are soon to be opened in Los Angeles and few other places.

The best part about Interserver is its budget-friendly shared hosting plans. This hosting provider also offers VPS, colocation solutions, and dedicated hosting, but its main offering is shared hosting. Here is a comprehensive review of this hosting platform:

Salient Features

Here are the salient features that make Interserver a great hosting provider:


  • Excellent Hosting Performance:


The performance of the server is commendable. It works wonders and doesn’t really trouble the user in any way. The website speed is never disappointing and you can run all kinds of performance-hungry, software but site speed won’t get affected.

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  • VPS Hosting Is Customizable:


Interserver VPS gives you a very easy way to customize your plan. You can add or remove the number of CPU cores, RAM, data transfer requirements, storage capacity etc. with a click of a button. Plus you can add as many bundled software as you want.


  • 99.99% Uptime:


Interserver provides 99.9% uptime guarantee and this guarantee is backed up in their SLA. The best part about this is that they actually provide this uptime. Sometimes, the site stays up 100% times as well.


  • Price Lock Guarantee:


The Terms of Service and SLA of Interserver is pretty clear and they have the best transparency in the business. They are really upfront and clear about the price you are going to pay. They have super low pricing and the pricing stays the same throughout your hosting requirement. The price doesn’t fluctuate at all unlike other hosting providers that overshoot the introductory price from second year only.

On the downside, there are few limitations you need to be aware of.

InterServer Web Hosting and VPS


  • Interserver Has a Limit on New User Signups Per Day:


There is a daily limit on number of new user signups. This limit has been set by Interserver since June 2016 in an effort to keep their standard of quality and service. If more customers signup, it would be difficult for them to service their users as almost all new users need some sort of customer support in the beginning.


  • Unlimited Interserver Hosting Is Limited:


Although this is the case with most of the hosting providers out there, Interserver’s policies are a little more towards the limited side. A shared account can’t use more than 20% of the resources of the server at one time. About 250,000 inodes are allowed at one time. Unlimited SSD shared hosting clients that use more than 1GB space get moved to SATA shared hosting.


  • VPS Is Not for a Non-Techie:


Hosting does require some kind of tech knowledge, but when it comes to VPS in Interserver, it gets a little more complicated. You need to do a lot of technical stuff to get it up and running and a non-techie won’t be able to handle it.

On the whole, Interserver is one of the best hosting providers in the business. It is here to stay and it continues to deliver what it promises to its customers. Therefore, Interserver gets a thumbs up in hosting experience and customer loyalty.